Easynet Wireless PCMCIA interface

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This PCMCIA wireless network card is 802.11b compliant and compatible with the Amiga A1200 and A600. The wireless driver supports 128bit wireless encryption for security.
NETPCM010 - Amiga Wireless PCMCIA CardEasyNet Wireless Settings   EasyNet from AmigaKit.com

Included in this package:

 1x floppy disk containing the Network driver for AmigaOS 2.x, AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS 4.0. Floppy disk also contains 'Wireless-Settings' utility and patches to prevent the A1200's PCMCIA reset bug. 
 Networking CD which contains the latest distribution of EasyNet, AmiTCP 3, Amiga Samba, SMBFS and Samba Handler.
 Printed documentation with screenshots on how to install the driver with Miami Deluxe, Genesis and EasyNet.